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Bayfield to Minneapolis - Day 2

The second day of the trip started just outside Gordon, WI.  We continued south and west to Danbury, where we could catch the Gandy Dancer Trail.  The trail is a crushed limestone railroad grade.  It was flat, straight, and beautiful woodlands.  It rained over dinner in Fredric so we decided to ride in the dark rather than setup camp in the wet forest.  Ended up in Tayolrs Falls late and stayed at the Interstate Park the campground shelter.  Turned out to be a 103 mi day.  First century ride, fully loaded!  

Bayfield to Minneapolis - Day 1

Starting from Bayfield, WI, we headed inland through the Chequamegon National Forest south to Drummond.  The forest service roads are fairly isolated and traffic free, but we did have to spend some time on county highways.  From Drummond we turned west to end up camping just outside Gordon.  

Bayfield to Minneapolis - Training Day

Blair and I spent the first day riding into Bayfield from the farm for Apple Festival.  It was about an 18 mile round trip ride, a good opportunity to warm up the legs and check that the bikes were in order.  

Last weekend I did a 250 mile, 3 day bike camping trip from Bayfield, WI to Minneapolis, MN.  Above are a few images of what I brought with.  We did camp, but keep in mind that we did eat out and stop to pick up snacks.

Stay posted for more photos of the trip.